What Do You Think Of The Memphis Grizzlies Adding Iverson to there team

September 14, 2009

I want to know what you think of the Memphis Grizzlies adding Iverson to the team?  I am actually in confusion about how i feel about this one and let me explain why.  On one hand the Grizzlies will get a guy who can score 25-30 points per game which i do like.  On the other hand though they get a guy who to me tends to hog the ball.   I don’t feel that Iverson would like the thought of coming off the bench but , then there is the possibly that he may start over Mike Conley.   I possibly could see the starting five as ( Thabeet, Randolph, Gay, Mayo and Iverson).    There is the other option that Iverson could come in off the bench and maybe become the sixth man of the year, even though I think that Jamal Crawford of the Atlanta Hawks will win that award.   I really hope that Iverson doesn’t wreck the chemistry of the Grizzlies.


Who Is Your Favorite NBA Team Or Teams

September 10, 2009

I wanted to do something that I feel would help me to get to know my blog readers so after I tell you who my favorite NBA Teams are you can tell me who your favorite NBA Team or NBA Teams are.   My two favorite teams are the Boston Celtics and The Chicago Bulls.   I really enjoy watching the Celtics now more than ever because of them having Paul Pierce,  Ray Allen , Kevin Garnett and now Rasheed Wallace.   I  also like the Chicago Bulls and enjoy Derrick Rose.  I really feel that Derrick Rose is going to be up there in great point guards behind Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Devin Harris.   So send your comments of what NBA Team or Teams that you enjoy.

Will Lebron James Stay In Cleveland Next Season?

September 8, 2009

I am wanting to know if you think that Lebron James will stay in Cleveland Next Season?   I think it depends on these things


1)  Will Lebron get a ring in Cleveland?-  I think with the cast he has he should be able to?  Last year at the 2 spot there was really no great defender at the 2 spot.  West did try as hard as he could though.   I think that Anthony Parker should start.  Also the Addition of Jamario Moon and Leon Powe will help too.   Some will say that picking up Shaq was a bad move but I think he is hungry to get lebron a ring.  He got Wade a ring, Kobe many rings so why not Lebron too.

2)  Will He Like to leave the fans of Cleveland?-  I don’t he wants to leave the fans of Cleveland but if he could go to New York or New Jersey then he might be tempted to go there.  You do have to admit though the Nets do have some young pieces who i think will get better (Devin Harris, Courtney Lee, Yi Jianlian and Brook Lopez.  



So will Lebron leave?  I really don’t know but he is going to make all the fans and Cleveland GM wait in spite that I felt that Danny Ferry did the best he could to get some pieces around Lebron.   Would it have been better if they signed Rasheed Wallace before the Celts probably?

My Favorite Point Guards Currently In The League

September 7, 2009

I wanted to let people know who are my favorite point guards currently in the league.  Here are my ten favorite Point Guards


1)  Chris Paul-   I feel he is a big difference maker to the New Orleans Hornets.    He is very quick and speedy along with a good defender and an awesome passer.   You would think that I would have put nash here but Paul is just a blast to watch.  He also has some good people to pass the ball too ( Peja Stojakovic,  David West, Morris Peterson , James Posey and who i feel will be the most improved player Emeka Okafor too) 


2)  Steve Nash-  Nash is an amazing passer who make those around him better.  Maybe some of the players that are on team that aren’t very good should come to Phoenix.  


3)  Derrick Rose-   My favorite of the younger point guards.  He is on the Bulls which is one of my favorite teams besides the Celtics.   Rose is going to be an allstar and possibly a superstar.   I want to buy a Derrick Rose Jersey when I get some more cash.


4) Jason Kidd-   He is still good but he was more incredible when he was younger.    Definity helps New Jersey when he first came there and got them to the finals only to lose to the Lakers.   Also for a point guard he is a good rebounder which is amazing.


5)  Devin Harris-   Reminds me of a younger Jason Kidd.    He is very quick and speedy and I feel will help New Jersey once the rest of the team develops.  I do feel though that Dallas now regrets trading Harris off.


6)  Chauncey Billups-    He didn’t do great early in his career but when he got to Detroit Billups really sparked.   Now he got traded to Denver which to me is really working out for Denver. 


7)  Gilbert Arenas-  When He is Not Suffering an Injury and he plays he is a good point guard.  I feel when Washington got Arenas they became a better team.   


8)  Deron Williams-  Another young point guard who i think is awesome and will get even better.


9)  Derek Fisher-   While he doesn’t get as much respect as say Kobe Bryant for the Lakers Fisher does do some great things for the Lakers and is a clutch point guard.


10)  Mike Bibby-   I think Atlanta getting Bibby from Sacramento a few seasons ago was a wise move.  I really enjoyed Bibby when he was in Sacramento and was one of the most exciting passers in my book to watch.   


This list of point guards of course will change in the future with newer players coming into the league but feel free to agree or disagree with my choices of my top ten favorite point guards.

My Predictions For Various Things Like Rookie Of The Year and other things

September 6, 2009

I thought for fun that I am going to make my prediction about who is going to win rookie of the year, most improved player, sixth man of the year, winning the nba finals


Rookie Of The Year:   Blake Griffin.   Why you wanna know?  I think he will score 20 points a game and 10 rebounds.   He will also help the Clippers improve there team.   I may be crazy but it’s just a gut feeling I have that if injury don’t overplague this team then they will take the 8th seed.  

Runner Ups In Rookie Of The Year:  Stephen Curry of the Warriors , James Harden of the Thunder and Jonny Flynn of the Timberwolves


Most Improved Player :   I’m having a tough time on this one really but I’m going to say Emeka Okafor.  Why Okafor you say because he got traded to the New Orleans for Tyson Chandler and also he is going to get a lot more alleyoops from Chris Paul.  Chris Paul passing to Okafor is to me what makes him the most improved player in my book

Runner Ups in Most Improved Player :  Trevor Ariza from the Rockets and Mike Miller from the Wizards.


Sixth Man Of The Year:   I’m going with Jamal Crawford of the Atlanta Hawks for this one.  Why he will come in to give either Joe Johnson or Mike Bibby some rest.  Crawford will come in and score points for the Hawks.  This was a great trade in my book for the Hawks and will provide more scoring in there backcourt. 

Runner Ups In Sixth Man:  Mike Miller maybe,  Michael Finley possibly too


Winning The NBA Finals:  This is really a tough call for me because of the Cavs, Celtics,  Lakers, Spurs and Mavericks even possibly.  If i were to guess I am going to go with the Cavs.  Why The Cavs because i feel they are going to be super hungry for the title this year.  I also feel that Shaq is going to work his tail off to try and get Lebron James a ring.   I also like the additions of Anthony Parker,  Jamario Moon, Leon Powe and resigning Anderson Varejao.   Do i think there is a chance that the Cavs may not win it of course?    The Celtics I feel could really give the Cavs some problems but it’s a prediction that I feel the Cavs will win it all.  Predictions can be right and they can be wrong.   So comment on what you agree or disagree with and even your choices for Rookie Of The Year, Sixth Man, Most Improved Player, Your NBA Final Winner.

Correction About Something About Top Teams

September 6, 2009

I wanted those the other day to understand that I do not think the Clippers will be a better team than the Mavericks.  It wasn’t really in order on some of those choices.     It was just who i think the best teams who i think are going to be this season.     I just wanted to point that out.

Western Teams That I Think Will Make The Playoffs

September 4, 2009

Yesterday I posted the eastern teams that I think will make the playoffs today I will post the western teams


1)  Los Angeles Lakers-  while they may have lost Trevor Ariza to Houston through free agent they picked up Ron Artest and resigned Lamar Odom.  So I see them being a number one seed here and possibly getting back to the finals.


2)  San Antonio Spurs-   The pickup of Richard Jefferson helps this team out and gives them a 4th scorer.   Also signing Antonio McDyess through free agency was another smart move.   The starting five could go Duncan, McDyess, Jefferson, Ginobili and Parker.


3)  Dallas Mavericks-   With the pickup of Shawn Marion and Drew Gooden it gives the Mavericks many starting lineups to experiment with.  You could go Nowitzki, Gooden, Marion, Howard and Kidd as your five, Another possibly is to go Dampier, Nowitzki, Marion, Howard and Kidd as your five and then bring in Gooden and Terry off the bench.  So to me Dallas gets 3rd seed here.


4) Denver Nuggets-  i could be wrong about the Nuggets falling here but i was between the Mavs and the Nuggets with the 3 and 4 seeds.  Chauncey Billups pickup for trading Iverson was a brilliant move last year for the Nuggets and not so great for the Pistons.


5)  Portland Trailblazers-   The signing of Andre Miller was a smart signing to me and gives them a veteran point guard.   Brandon Roy will continue to get better and I feel that Lamarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden will improve. 


6)  New Orleans Hornets-   While I’m with most people they should have gotten Sam Young in the draft or a power forward.  Darren Collison will provides some spark off the bench espeically defensively.   Chris Paul will continue to get more awesome. Emeka Okafor will improve his offensive game now that he will have Paul to pass to him, David West will continue to play great and Peja will be lighting up those 3 along with Morris Peterson.   They have some depth on the wings but need more depth at the center, power forward and point guard position though.


7)  Utah Jazz-   Deron Williams will continue to stay amazing  and Boozer will score 20 points and have 10 rebounds but still won’t be a great defender.  Mehmet Okur will be the bigman lighting up the 3’s and getting inside for the rebounds.  


8)  L.A. Clippers-  If Camby stays healthy and Baron Davis plays like he did three years ago then i could see the Clippers getting in.  Also Blake Griffin will be rookie of the year and will help the Clippers get more wins.  Eric Gordon will continue to improve along with Al Thornton.  Chris Kaman will be that rebouding machine.   I almost was going to go Phoenix here but my gut was telling me that if injuries don’t happen a bunch that the Clippers will sneak in.  They will play the Lakers in the first round and lose but at least they will get there.   Wouldn’t that be odd to a first round playoff matchup with the two Los Angeles Teams.


So now that I have made my choices what do you agree with or disagree with?

Eastern Conferences Team Who I Think Will Make The Playoffs

September 4, 2009

Here  are the Eastern Conference Teams Who I Think and this time I put them in order of what I think 


1)  Cleveland-   I was between this team and Boston but for some reason I feel that Cleveland will be hungry again and will outdue the Celtics.  Granted I may be wrong but I feel that i will be either right or close on this


2)  Boston-   I was torn between this team and Cleveland for the 2nd seed but for some reason I felt the Celtics fall here though because of Cleveland’s hungriness


3)   Orlando-   With the pickup of Vince Carter and adding Brandon Bass this team will be a 3rd seed.   With Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, Vince Carter and Jameer Nelson I feel this team will have a shot at getting back to the finals.  Although if Boston and Cleveland have anything to say about it I feel they’d say not this time


4)  Atlanta-   Jamal Crawford pick up to me was brillant.  If Bibby or Joe Johnson gets injured then Crawford could step in.  Crawford could also be a possible candidate for 6th man of the year.


5)  Washington-   If Arenas stayed healthy then this team will make the playoffs.  I even think if Arenas does get injured then having Randy Foye could help this team out by taking over until Arenas came back from an injury.  Mike Miller pick up to me was sher brilliance.   I like this team with having Antawn Jamison,  Caron Butler,  Mike Miller, Randy Foye and Gilbert Arenas I like there chances of getting in this year.


6)  Chicago-  One of my favorite players Derrick Rose will be in the playoffs again in my book which is awesome.  I also love the pickup of John Salmons and Brad Miller.   I will miss Ben Gordon though.


7)  Toronto-   They will get in I feel with the pickup of Hedo Turkoglu and Jarret Jack but I feel will fall out in the first round again.


8)  New Jersey-   This was the toughest seed for me to decide because of Detroit and maybe Philadelphia because if Brand is healthy he could knock Jersey out.  I feel that the Nets will get in but will fall out of the first round to either Cleveland or Boston.    I think that YI will get better, Brook Lopez will get better too,  Courtney Lee will make Orlando regret trading him and Devin Harris is another one of my favorite younger point guards in the league.    This is the one seed where i could be wrong though but this seed to me was a guess.   


So who do you think the eight eastern conference teams who will make the playoffs?     Would You Change Any Of My Seeds?   Which Teams Do You Think I’m Right About?  Wrong About?  This is your chance to agree or disagree with me on this.

Best Teams This Season

September 3, 2009

Here are who i think the best teams are going to be this season and why.


1) Cleveland-   I am between this team and Boston to go to the eastern conference finals.   While many think  that Shaq is getting older I still think Shaq still has some tank in the gas left to help Lebron get a championship.  Cleveland made some good moves in the offseason besides getting Shaq also getting wingman defender Anthony Parker who i feel you start over Delonte West.   Cleveland also resigned Anderson Varejao and also adding Jamario Moon and forward Leon Powe.  I feel that Cleveland did the best they could in the offseason to get Lebron some other pieces to help him win a championship


2)  Boston-   With Kevin Garnett ( KG)  suffered from injury last year they made a smart move by signing free agent Rasheed Wallace.  Rasheed Wallace could play center and Garnett could start at the power forward.  Wallace and Garnett are a nasty frontcourt that many teams would have trouble against.    Boston and Orlando are the only teams in my book who could give Cleveland some trouble.


3)  San Antonio-   The Spurs adding Richard Jefferson to me was pure genius.   When Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili or Tim Duncan goes down you still have three great scorers as long as only one of them goes down.  If healthy though the Spurs have Tim Duncan, Antonio Mcdyess who they signed as a free agent which was pure brilliance, Richard Jefferson,  Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker as a nasty five. 


4)  Orlando-  The Acquistion of Vince Carter to me was sure genius in spite that they trade off Courtney Lee.   They lost Hedo Turkoglu but then brought in Brandon Bass who is a solid young player who was good off the bench for the Dallas Mavericks last year.  Orlando and Boston are the two teams that i feel could possibly give Cleveland some problems


5)  L.A. Lakers-  While they lost Trevor Ariza to Houston from Free Agency  they bascially trading places with Houston by signing defender Ron Artest.  Artest is one of my favorite defenders because he can defend the outside shot and would give teams problems that try to shoot the three point shot.   Could the Lakers repeat possibly?  Will They I feel that they won’t.


6)  Washington-   This team I feel is not going to have the season they had last year.  They trading off Etan Thomas and some other players along with there 5th pick to Minnesota for Mike Miller and Randy Foye.    Getting Mike Miller will be interesting because now you have Arenas, Caron Butler, Jamison and now Mike Miller.  Miller I think will improve in some scoring and will see more open looks this year.   Getting Randy Foye was another smart move and a good back up plan in case Gilbert Arenas goes down again.


7) Toronto-   The Raptors adding Hedo Turkoglu is sure genius by GM Bryan Colangelo and also brought on was point guard and Bosh teammate in Georgia Tech Jarret Jack.   Will Turkoglu and Jack be enough to keep Bosh in Toronto when he become a free agent?  I’m not sure but I see Toronto getting back to the playoffs again in spite that i see them knocked out in the first round.

8)  L.A. Clippers-   Getting first pick in the draft and getting Blake Griffin I really feel will help this team chances to at least grab the 7th or 8th seed in the playoffs.

9)  Atlanta-    Acquiring Jamal Crawford from Golden State gives Atlanta some depth at the point guard and shooting guard sport.  So if Joe Johnson or Mike Bibby goes down then Crawford can step in.  Crawford could become a 6th man for Atlanta.   Another not too bad move is the signing of Joe Smith which gives them some more depth in there frontcourt.

10)  Dallas-   I feel that getting Shawn Marion and Drew Gooden will really help out the Mavs this season.   It provides them some depth and some rebounding out of Marion.   Dallas will be an interesting team to watch for in the west granted that marion, nowitzki or gooden doesn’t go down.   They could go with a lineup of Nowitzki at center, Gooden at power forward, Marion at small forward, Josh Howard at shooting guard and Jason Kidd running the point.   There are many lineup possibilites for this team which makes this team to me very interesting out in the west.


Those to me are the ten teams that are going to be the best and not necessarily in that order either.  I don’t think the Clippers will do better than the Mavericks and i just wanted to emphasize that.

NBA Intro Post

August 30, 2009

Hello to everyone in the world.  Welcome to my nba blogging site.  If you love the NBA and love the players then feel free to read my site, comment and agree or disagree with me.  All I ask is that people be respectful on here and not call anyone names like idiot, moron or any other awful name.  I want everyone to have fun and enjoy agreeing or disagreeing with me.   I have no problem with debating as long as it’s done properly.  So sign up for free and enjoy the chance to comment on what I have to say.    I’ll be honest i don’t know everything about the NBA but i love the game and that is all that matters is having fun.