Best Teams This Season

Here are who i think the best teams are going to be this season and why.


1) Cleveland-   I am between this team and Boston to go to the eastern conference finals.   While many think  that Shaq is getting older I still think Shaq still has some tank in the gas left to help Lebron get a championship.  Cleveland made some good moves in the offseason besides getting Shaq also getting wingman defender Anthony Parker who i feel you start over Delonte West.   Cleveland also resigned Anderson Varejao and also adding Jamario Moon and forward Leon Powe.  I feel that Cleveland did the best they could in the offseason to get Lebron some other pieces to help him win a championship


2)  Boston-   With Kevin Garnett ( KG)  suffered from injury last year they made a smart move by signing free agent Rasheed Wallace.  Rasheed Wallace could play center and Garnett could start at the power forward.  Wallace and Garnett are a nasty frontcourt that many teams would have trouble against.    Boston and Orlando are the only teams in my book who could give Cleveland some trouble.


3)  San Antonio-   The Spurs adding Richard Jefferson to me was pure genius.   When Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili or Tim Duncan goes down you still have three great scorers as long as only one of them goes down.  If healthy though the Spurs have Tim Duncan, Antonio Mcdyess who they signed as a free agent which was pure brilliance, Richard Jefferson,  Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker as a nasty five. 


4)  Orlando-  The Acquistion of Vince Carter to me was sure genius in spite that they trade off Courtney Lee.   They lost Hedo Turkoglu but then brought in Brandon Bass who is a solid young player who was good off the bench for the Dallas Mavericks last year.  Orlando and Boston are the two teams that i feel could possibly give Cleveland some problems


5)  L.A. Lakers-  While they lost Trevor Ariza to Houston from Free Agency  they bascially trading places with Houston by signing defender Ron Artest.  Artest is one of my favorite defenders because he can defend the outside shot and would give teams problems that try to shoot the three point shot.   Could the Lakers repeat possibly?  Will They I feel that they won’t.


6)  Washington-   This team I feel is not going to have the season they had last year.  They trading off Etan Thomas and some other players along with there 5th pick to Minnesota for Mike Miller and Randy Foye.    Getting Mike Miller will be interesting because now you have Arenas, Caron Butler, Jamison and now Mike Miller.  Miller I think will improve in some scoring and will see more open looks this year.   Getting Randy Foye was another smart move and a good back up plan in case Gilbert Arenas goes down again.


7) Toronto-   The Raptors adding Hedo Turkoglu is sure genius by GM Bryan Colangelo and also brought on was point guard and Bosh teammate in Georgia Tech Jarret Jack.   Will Turkoglu and Jack be enough to keep Bosh in Toronto when he become a free agent?  I’m not sure but I see Toronto getting back to the playoffs again in spite that i see them knocked out in the first round.

8)  L.A. Clippers-   Getting first pick in the draft and getting Blake Griffin I really feel will help this team chances to at least grab the 7th or 8th seed in the playoffs.

9)  Atlanta-    Acquiring Jamal Crawford from Golden State gives Atlanta some depth at the point guard and shooting guard sport.  So if Joe Johnson or Mike Bibby goes down then Crawford can step in.  Crawford could become a 6th man for Atlanta.   Another not too bad move is the signing of Joe Smith which gives them some more depth in there frontcourt.

10)  Dallas-   I feel that getting Shawn Marion and Drew Gooden will really help out the Mavs this season.   It provides them some depth and some rebounding out of Marion.   Dallas will be an interesting team to watch for in the west granted that marion, nowitzki or gooden doesn’t go down.   They could go with a lineup of Nowitzki at center, Gooden at power forward, Marion at small forward, Josh Howard at shooting guard and Jason Kidd running the point.   There are many lineup possibilites for this team which makes this team to me very interesting out in the west.


Those to me are the ten teams that are going to be the best and not necessarily in that order either.  I don’t think the Clippers will do better than the Mavericks and i just wanted to emphasize that.


3 Responses to “Best Teams This Season”

  1. coachhzl Says:

    “Shaq still has some tank in the gas left to help Lebron get a championship”. I love it! That’s something Shaq would say…

  2. Random Baller Says:

    “L.A. Clippers- Getting first pick in the draft and getting Blake Griffin I really feel will help this team chances to at least grab the 7th or 8th seed in the playoffs.

    This somehow makes them the #8 best team in the league… if this team even makes the playoffs (and thats a dicey call… Griffon hasnt played a single NBA game yet, Davis showed signs of a serious decline, how seasons has Camby gone without becoming injury plagued) that still doesnt put them as top 10 team. They simply should NOT be on this list.
    Now if we are talking a most improved team thats a different story.

  3. Matt Says:

    Clippers 8th? wow go do some research please.

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